A critical supplier to more than 7 different sectors


Millennium Manufacturing Group is a leading supplier to the automotive industry, with specialist components being used in more than 20 different cars, buses and trucks we see on our roads every day.

We can produce anything from turned parts to complex assemblies and, thanks to investment in a new quality team, can meet the most exacting quality standards and delivery schedules.

Components we can provide including:

  • Seating components – pressings, tubes and wire forms
  • Mezzanine construction brackets
  • Hydraulic cab lock components
  • Electrical trucking brackets
  • Pressings and machined parts for air suspension units

Automotive is just one of the sectors that MMG serves. Our one-stop solution, which now includes welding, tube bending and wire forming, allows us to control supply to customers operating in 7 different sectors, including construction, domestic goods, electronics and hydraulics.